Paul Hardcastle – Nineteen And Beyond: 1984-1988 - Box Set - 4 Cd




Paul Hardcastle
1-1In The Beginning2:05
1-3King Tut3:57
1-4Don't Waste My Time4:26
1-5Central Park4:00
1-6Just For Money5:09
1-11Eat Your Heart Out (7" Edit)3:47
1-1219 (7" Edit)3:39
1-13Just For Money (7" Edit)4:09
1-14Back In Time5:28
1-15Fly By Night3:32
1-17The Asylum (It'z Weird)3:40
Mixes 1
2-1Eat Your Heart Out (Special Remix)6:07
2-2Eat Your Heart Out (Instrumental)3:50
2-3Eat Your Heart Out (Dub)5:53
2-4Eat Your Heart Out (German Remix)6:16
2-5Rain Forest (Remix)5:42
2-6Just For Money (Breakers Version)3:40
2-7Just For Money (Make Or Break Version)6:03
2-819 (Destruction Mix)7:07
2-919 (Extended)5:13
2-1019 (The Final Story)8:31
2-1119 (US Instrumental 1)4:38
2-1219 (US Instrumental 2)3:36
2-13King Tut (U.S. Remix)5:21
2-14The Wizard (Part 1)3:23
2-15Foolin' Yourself (7" Edit)3:38
Mixes 2
3-1Don't Waste My Time (7" Edit)3:52
3-2Loitering With Intent4:12
3-3The Wizard (Part 1 - Extended)4:49
3-4The Wizard (Part 2 - Extended)4:48
3-5The Wizard (Hitman Remix)3:24
3-6Foolin' Yourself (12" Extended)6:23
3-7Foolin' Yourself (The Frank Mix)6:16
3-8Don't Waste My Time (Extended)5:28
3-9Don't Waste My Time (Essential Well-Hard Crucial Remix)3:48
3-10Don't Waste My Time (Breakers Mix Part 1)5:26
3-11Don't Waste My Time (Breakers Mix Part 2)3:55
3-12Dub Waste My Time3:55
3-1340 Years (Extended Version)5:51
3-14Just Passin' Thru4:45
3-15Star Wars (B-Side Version)3:58
3-16Movin' Sound (Extended Version)4:22
No Winners
The Earth From Space / Ground Zero / No Winners / 40 Years / August 6th 1945 / Silo Killers / Lucky So Far / Star Wars / Now(31:28)
4-1.1The Earth From Space
4-1.2Ground Zero
4-1.3No Winners
4-1.440 Years
4-1.5August 6th 1945
4-1.6Silo Killers
4-1.7Lucky So Far
4-1.8Star Wars
4-2Walk In The Night5:11
4-3On The Run3:46
4-4The Wizard (Jazz Mix)4:25
4-5The Last Jam5:02
4-6Lost Summer4:05
4-7Voices Of The World2:05

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