The Beatles – Revolver - Box Set - 5 Cds - Edición Limitada




New Stereo Mix
1-2Eleanor Rigby2:06
1-3I'm Only Sleeping3:00
1-4Love You To3:00
1-5Here, There And Everywhere2:25
1-6Yellow Submarine2:39
1-7She Said She Said2:36
1-8Good Day Sunshine2:09
1-9And Your Bird Can Sing2:00
1-10For No One2:00
1-11Doctor Robert2:14
1-12I Want To Tell You2:28
1-13Got To Get You Into My Life2:29
1-14Tomorrow Never Knows2:57
Sessions One
2-1Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)3:33
2-2Tomorrow Never Knows (Mono Mix RM 11)3:05
2-3Got To Get You Into My Life (First Version - Take 5)4:10
2-4Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version - Unnumbered Mix)2:36
2-5Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version - Take 8)2:42
2-6Love You To (Take 1)2:40
2-7Love You To (Unnumbered Rehearsal)1:35
2-8Love You To (Take 7)2:55
2-9Paperback Writer (Takes 1 And 2 - Backing Track)3:38
2-10Rain (Take 5 - Actual Speed)2:38
2-11Rain (Take 5 - Slowed Down For Master Tape)3:13
2-12Doctor Robert (Take 7)3:00
2-13And Your Bird Can Sing (First Version - Take 2)2:14
2-14And Your Bird Can Sing (First Version - Take 2) (Giggling)2:24
Sessions Two
3-1And Your Bird Can Sing (Second Version - Take 5)2:20
3-2Taxman (Take 11)2:38
3-3I’m Only Sleeping (Rehearsal Fragment)0:48
3-4I’m Only Sleeping (Take 2)2:28
3-5I’m Only Sleeping (Take 5)2:43
3-6I’m Only Sleeping (Mono Mix RM1)3:07
3-7Eleanor Rigby (Speech Before Take 2)2:12
3-8Eleanor Rigby (Take 2)2:20
3-9For No One (Take 10 - Backing Track)2:23
3-10Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape - Part 1)1:05
3-11Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape - Part 2)4:43
3-12Yellow Submarine (Take 4 Before Sound Effects)2:37
3-13Yellow Submarine (Highlighted Sound Effects)3:04
3-14I Want To Tell You (Speech And Take 4)1:25
3-15Here, There And Everywhere (Take 6)2:30
3-16She Said She Said (John’s Demo)1:10
3-17She Said She Said (Take 15 - Backing Track Rehearsal)3:24
Original Mono Master
4-2Eleanor Rigby2:09
4-3I’m Only Sleeping3:02
4-4Love You To3:08
4-5Here, There And Everywhere2:25
4-6Yellow Submarine2:41
4-7She Said She Said2:39
4-8Good Day Sunshine2:12
4-9And Your Bird Can Sing2:02
4-10For No One2:02
4-11Doctor Robert2:16
4-12I Want To Tell You2:31
4-13Got To Get You Into My Life2:38
4-14Tomorrow Never Knows2:57
Revolver EP
5-1Paperback Writer (Stereo)2:19
5-2Rain (Stereo)2:59
5-3Paperback Writer (Mono)2:26
5-4Rain (Mono)2:59

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