Metallica – Metallica - Box Set - 14 Cds + 6 Vinilos + 6 Dvds - 180 Gramos




A1Enter Sandman5:31
A2Sad But True5:24
A3Holier Than Thou3:48
B1The Unforgiven6:27
B2Wherever I May Roam6:44
B3Don’t Tread On Me4:01
C1Through The Never4:04
C2Nothing Else Matters6:28
C3Of Wolf And Man4:17
D1The God That Failed5:08
D2My Friend Of Misery6:49
D3The Struggle Within3:54
Sad But True
E1Sad But True5:27
E2Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version)6:31
F1Creeping Death (Live)8:02
F2Sad But True (Demo)4:54
Live At Wembley Stadium, London, England - April 20th, 1992
G1Enter Sandman (Live)7:06
H1Sad But True (Live)5:37
H2Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:23
Live At Tushino Airfield, Moscow, Russia - September 28th, 1991
I1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:53
I2Enter Sandman (Live)5:21
I3Creeping Death (Live)7:57
I4Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)7:06
J1Fade To Black (Live)7:47
J2Sad But True (Live)6:01
J3Master Of Puppets (Live)4:15
K1Seek And Destroy (Live)7:51
K2For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:48
K3One (Live)8:13
L1Whiplash (Live)5:53
L2Encore Jam (Live)1:29
L3Last Caress (Live)1:27
L4Am I Evil? (Live)4:44
L5Battery (Live)7:13
CD1-1Enter Sandman5:32
CD1-2Sad But True5:23
CD1-3Holier Than Thou3:48
CD1-4The Unforgiven6:25
CD1-5Wherever I May Roam6:43
CD1-6Don't Tread On Me4:00
CD1-7Through The Never4:02
CD1-8Nothing Else Matters6:29
CD1-9Of Wolf And Man4:17
CD1-10The God That Failed5:09
CD1-11My Friend Of Misery6:47
CD1-12The Struggle Within3:53
The Interviews
Interviews: The David Fricke Tapes
CD2-1Kirk/David Fricke Interview15:35
CD2-2Jason/David Fricke Interview16:47
CD2-3Lars/David Fricke Interview19:43
CD2-4James/David Fricke Interview22:42
Interviews: The Steffan Chirazi Tapes
CD3-1Lars/Steffan Chirazi Interview43:27
CD3-2Jason/Steffan Chirazi Interview8:19
CD3-3Kirk/Steffan Chirazi Interview10:58
CD3-4James/Steffan Chirazi Interview17:09
Riffs & Demos (Disc 1)
CD4-1The Unforgiven (From James' Riff Tapes)1:08
CD4-2Nothing Else Matters (From James' Riff Tapes)4:55
CD4-3Sad But True (From James' Riff Tapes)0:55
CD4-4Holier Than Thou (From James' Riff Tapes)1:47
CD4-5Don't Tread On Me (From James' Riff Tapes)1:12
CD4-6The Unforgiven (From James' Riff Tapes II)0:21
CD4-7The Struggle Within (From James' Riff Tapes)1:32
CD4-8The Unforgiven (From James' Riff Tapes III)2:10
CD4-9The God That Failed (From James' Riff Tapes)0:43
CD4-10Wherever I May Roam (From James' Riff Tapes)0:25
CD4-11Enter Sandman (From Kirk's Riff Tapes)1:11
CD4-12Through The Never (From Kirk's Riff Tapes)1:27
CD4-13Of Wolf And Man (From Kirk's Riff Tapes)0:30
CD4-14Enter Sandman (From Kirk's Riff Tapes II)0:40
CD4-15My Friend Of Misery (From Jason's Riff Tapes)4:37
CD4-16Enter Sandman (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:34
CD4-17Sad But True (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)2:00
CD4-18The God That Failed (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:16
CD4-19Don't Tread On Me (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:04
CD4-20The Struggle Within (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)0:42
CD4-21Holier Than Thou (July 6th, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:40
CD4-22Sad But True (July 10th, 1990, Writing In Progress)0:52
CD4-23Sad But True (July 12th, 1990 Demo)5:11
CD4-24Don't Tread On Me (July 12th, 1990 Demo)4:08
CD4-25Enter Sandman (July 12th, 1990 Demo)4:50
CD4-26Nothing Else Matters (July 12th, 1990 Demo)6:04
CD4-27Of Wolf And Man (July 12th, 1990, Writing In Progress)2:21
CD4-28Through The Never (July 12th, 1990, Writing In Progress)3:00
CD4-29The Struggle Within (July 24th, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:25
CD4-30Wherever I May Roam (July 24th, 1990, Writing In Progress)2:17
CD4-31Wherever I May Roam (July 30th, 1990, Writing In Progress)6:05
CD4-32The Struggle Within (July 30th, 1990, Writing In Progress)3:46
Riffs & Demos (Disc 2)
CD5-1Enter Sandman (August 13th, 1990 Demo)5:04
CD5-2Sad But True (August 13th, 1990 Demo)4:53
CD5-3Don't Tread On Me (August 13th, 1990 Demo)3:58
CD5-4Nothing Else Matters (August 13th, 1990 Demo)5:54
CD5-5Holier Than Thou (August 13th, 1990 Demo)3:48
CD5-6Wherever I May Roam (August 13th, 1990 Demo)5:36
CD5-7The Struggle Within (August 13th, 1990 Demo)3:45
CD5-8The God That Failed (August 22nd, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:20
CD5-9Of Wolf And Man (August 22nd, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:01
CD5-10My Friend Of Misery (August 29th, 1990, Writing In Progress)4:05
CD5-11The Unforgiven (August 29th, 1990, Writing In Progress)3:43
CD5-12Through The Never (August 31st, 1990 Demo)3:38
CD5-13Of Wolf And Man (August 31st, 1990 Demo)4:05
CD5-14The God That Failed (August 31st, 1990 Demo)4:44
CD5-15The Unforgiven (September 3rd, 1990, Writing In Progress)5:44
CD5-16My Friend Of Misery (September 3rd, 1990, Writing In Progress)1:47
Pre-Production Rehearsals + Radio Edits
CD6-1Enter Sandman (Pre-Production Rehearsal)4:58
CD6-2Sad But True (Pre-Production Rehearsal)5:18
CD6-3Holier Than Thou (Pre-Production Rehearsal)3:46
CD6-4Nothing Else Matters (Pre-Production Rehearsal)6:11
CD6-5Wherever I May Roam (Pre-Production Rehearsal)6:08
CD6-6Don't Tread On Me (Pre-Production Rehearsal)4:07
CD6-7Through The Never (Pre-Production Rehearsal)3:49
CD6-8The Unforgiven (Pre-Production Rehearsal)6:43
CD6-9Of Wolf And Man (Pre-Production Rehearsal)4:15
CD6-10The God That Failed (Pre-Production Rehearsal)5:10
CD6-11My Friend of Misery (Pre-Production Rehearsal)6:23
CD6-12The Struggle Within (Pre-Production Rehearsal)3:59
CD6-13Enter Sandman (Radio Edit)4:02
CD6-14The Unforgiven (Radio Edit)5:00
CD6-15Nothing Else Matters (Radio Edit)5:00
CD6-16Wherever I May Roam (Radio Edit)5:00
Rough & Alternate Mixes (Disc 1)
CD7-1So What (Early Take - October 12th, 1990)3:01
CD7-2Killing Time (Take 18 - October 12th, 1990)3:09
CD7-3Through The Never (Take 53 - October 22nd, 1990)4:13
CD7-4Holier Than Thou (Take 9 - October 27th, 1990)4:01
CD7-5My Friend Of Misery (Take 4 - October 27th, 1990)6:38
CD7-6The Struggle Within (Take 12 - November 10th, 1990)3:25
CD7-7Of Wolf And Man (Take 2 - December 6th, 1990)4:29
CD7-8The God That Failed (Take 26 - December 6th, 1990)5:03
CD7-9Don't Tread On Me (Take 6 - December 15th, 1990)4:03
CD7-10Enter Sandman (Take 15 - January 21st, 1991)3:37
CD7-11Enter Sandman (Take 35 - January 21st, 1991)1:29
CD7-12Late Night Skynyrd Jam (January 23rd, 1991)4:09
CD7-13The Unforgiven (139 BPM Take - January 29th, 1991)5:18
CD7-14Nothing Else Matters (Take 19 - January 29th, 1991)4:56
CD7-15Sad But True (Take 36 - February 5th, 1991)5:17
CD7-16Wherever I May Roam (Take 3 - February 5th, 1991)4:59
Rough & Alternate Mixes (Disc 2)
CD8-1Enter Sandman (May 13th, 1991 Rough Mix)5:35
CD8-2The God That Failed (May 13th, 1991 Rough Mix)5:01
CD8-3The Struggle Within (May 13th, 1991 Rough Mix)3:55
CD8-4The Unforgiven (May 14th, 1991 Rough Mix)6:20
CD8-5Wherever I May Roam (May 14th, 1991 Rough Mix)6:22
CD8-6Don't Tread On Me (May 14th, 1991 Rough Mix)4:07
CD8-7Through The Never (May 14th, 1991 Rough Mix)4:02
CD8-8Sad But True (May 23rd, 1991 Rough Mix)5:23
CD8-9Of Wolf And Man (June 2nd, 1991 Rough Mix)4:18
CD8-10My Friend Of Misery (June 2nd, 1991 Rough Mix)6:43
CD8-11Holier Than Thou (June 2nd, 1991 Rough Mix)3:47
CD8-12Nothing Else Matters (No Orchestra Mix - July 8th, 1991)6:40
CD8-13Nothing Else Matters (Orchestra/Clean Guitar/Vocal Mix - July 8th, 1991)6:45
CD8-14Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version)6:31
Some Shit From Day On The Green, Oakland, CA - October 12th, 1991
CD9-1Creeping Death (Live)3:32
CD9-2Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)7:02
CD9-3Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)7:10
CD9-4Sad But True (Live)5:38
CD9-5Wherever I May Roam (Live)6:57
CD9-6Bass Solo (Live)4:26
CD9-7Through The Never (Live)4:40
CD9-8The Unforgiven (Live)7:47
CD9-9Master Of Puppets (Live)4:03
CD9-10Seek & Destroy (Live)7:33
CD9-11For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:59
CD9-12Fade To Black (Live)7:34
CD9-13Whiplash (Live)4:51
Live At Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA - January 11th, 1992 (Disc 1)
CD10-1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:45
CD10-2Enter Sandman (Live)5:28
CD10-3Crreping Death (Live)8:04
CD10-4Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)6:25
CD10-5Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)7:45
CD10-6Sad But True (Live)5:24
CD10-7Wherever I May Roam (Live)6:27
CD10-8The Four Horsemen (Live)7:28
CD10-9Bass Solo (Live)8:17
CD10-10Through The Never (Live)4:23
CD10-11The Unforgiven (Live)7:31
CD10-12Justice Medley (Live)9:30
Live At Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA - January 11th, 1992 (Disc 2)
CD11-1Drum Solo (Live)12:47
CD11-2Guitar Solo (Live)5:51
CD11-3For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:28
CD11-4Fade To Black (Live)7:54
CD11-5Whiplash (Live)4:51
CD11-6Encore Jam (Live)1:09
CD11-7Master Of Puppets (Live)4:05
CD11-8Seek & Destroy (Live)12:48
Live At Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA - January 11th, 1992 (Disc 3) + Covers & B-Sides
CD12-1One (Live)9:30
CD12-2Last Caress (Live)1:30
CD12-3Am I Evil? (Live)4:52
CD12-4Battery (Live)5:16
CD12-5Encore Jam #2 (Live)1:46
CD12-6Breadfan (Live)4:11
CD12-7Stone Cold Crazy (Remastered)2:19
CD12-8So What (Remastered)3:09
CD12-9Killing Time (Remastered)3:05
CD12-10Stone Cold Crazy (Live)3:03
CD12-11Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)6:01
CD12-12Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:11
Live At Maimarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany - May 22nd, 1993 (Disc 1)
CD13-1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:41
CD13-2Creeping Death (Live)7:07
CD13-3Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)7:02
CD13-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)6:51
CD13-5Of Wolf And Man (Live)4:17
CD13-6Wherever I May Roam (Live)6:53
CD13-7The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)8:25
CD13-8The Unforgiven (Live)7:04
CD13-9Disposable Heroes (Live)8:58
CD13-10Bass Solo (Live)7:44
CD13-11Instrumental Medley (Live)6:49
CD13-12Guitar Solo (Live)1:17
CD13-13The Four Horsemen (Live)5:03
Live At Maimarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany - May 22nd, 1993 (Disc 2)
CD14-1For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:58
CD14-2Fade To Black (Live)7:08
CD14-3Master Of Puppets (Live)4:23
CD14-4Seek & Destroy (Live)17:35
CD14-5Battery (Live)5:42
CD14-6Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:30
CD14-7Sad But True (Live)6:03
CD14-8Last Caress (Live)1:25
CD14-9One (Live)10:15
CD14-10Enter Sandman (Live)6:14
CD14-11So What (Live)3:31
A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica Outtakes
DVD1-1The Making Of "Don't Tread On Me"6:19
DVD1-2The Making Of "Sad But True"15:07
DVD1-3The Making Of "Enter Sandman"16:43
DVD1-4Enter Cameraman11:56
DVD1-5The Making Of "The Unforgiven"10:42
DVD1-6The Making Of "Nothing Else Matters"10:26
DVD1-7Rehearsal Day With Queen6:00
DVD1-8Metallica Play The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert For AIDS Awareness - April 20th, 199224:06
Live At Gentofte Stadion, Copenhagen, Denmark - August 10th, 1991 + Bonus Shit
DVD2-1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:37
DVD2-2Enter Sandman (Live)5:17
DVD2-3Creeping Death (Live)7:54
DVD2-4Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)6:30
DVD2-5Fade To Black (Live)8:04
DVD2-6Sad But True (Live)5:53
DVD2-7Master Of Puppets (Live)4:00
DVD2-8Seek & Destroy (Live)7:33
DVD2-9For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:22
DVD2-10One (Live)7:55
DVD2-11Whiplash (Live)5:23
DVD2-12Encore Jam (Live)1:17
DVD2-13Last Caress (Live)1:21
DVD2-14Am I Evil? (Live)4:34
DVD2-15Battery (Live)7:24
Bonus Shit
DVD2-16Holier Than Thou (Live)3:58
DVD2-17Blitzkrieg (Live)4:00
DVD2-18Leper Messiah (Live)6:03
DVD2-19Master Of Puppets (Live)8:57
DVD2-20Am I Evil? (Live)7:25
DVD2-21Breadfan (Live)4:13
DVD2-22So What (Live)5:18
DVD2-23Stone Cold Crazy (Live)2:54
DVD2-24Am I Evil? (Live)6:00
DVD2-25Helpless (Live)4:08
Live At Frankenhalle, Nuremberg, Germany - November 29th, 1992
DVD3-1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:59
DVD3-2Of Wolf And Man (Live)4:14
DVD3-3Creeping Death (Live)7:47
DVD3-4Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)6:56
DVD3-5Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)7:21
DVD3-6Sad But True (Live)5:34
DVD3-7Wherever I May Roam (Live)8:29
DVD3-8The Unforgiven (Live)7:14
DVD3-9Justice Medley (Live)9:36
DVD3-10Solos (Bass & Guitar) (Live)14:13
DVD3-11Through The Never (Live)2:44
DVD3-12For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:54
DVD3-13Fade To Black (Live)7:43
DVD3-14Master Of Puppets (Live)3:58
DVD3-15Seek & Destroy (Live)16:15
DVD3-16Whiplash (Live)4:53
DVD3-17Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:04
DVD3-18Am I Evil? (Live)5:39
DVD3-19Last Caress (Live)1:18
DVD3-20One (Live)8:41
DVD3-21Damage, Inc. (Live)5:20
DVD3-22Enter Sandman (Live)6:32
Live At Festivalpark, Werchter, Belgium - July 4th, 1993
DVD4-1The Ecstasy Of Gold1:50
DVD4-2Creeping Death (Live)7:05
DVD4-3Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)6:35
DVD4-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)6:45
DVD4-5Of Wolf And Man (Live)4:05
DVD4-6Wherever I May Roam (Live)7:08
DVD4-7Disposable Heroes (Live)9:34
DVD4-8The Unforgiven (Live)6:32
DVD4-9Bass Solo (Live)2:22
DVD4-10Instrumental Medley (Live)4:12
DVD4-11Guitar Solo (Live)0:46
DVD4-12For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:41
DVD4-13Fade To Black (Live)8:18
DVD4-14Master Of Puppets (Live)3:50
DVD4-15Seek & Destroy (Live)18:40
DVD4-16Battery (Live)5:45
DVD4-17Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:16
DVD4-18Sad But True (Live)5:39
DVD4-19One (Live)9:53
DVD4-20Enter Sandman (Live)6:54
DVD4-21So What (Live)8:43
Music Videos + Halfin's Home Movies
DVD5-1"Enter Sandman" Music Video5:33
DVD5-2"The Unforgiven" Music Video6:24
DVD5-3"Nothing Else Matters" Music Video6:26
DVD5-4"Wherever I May Roam" Music Video6:08
DVD5-5"Sad But True" Music Video5:28
DVD5-6"The Unforgiven (Theatrical Version)" Music Video11:32
Behind The Videos
DVD5-7Enter Sandman (Psycho Band Pass)5:32
DVD5-8Enter Sandman (Hetfield)5:32
DVD5-9Enter Sandman (Ulrich)5:29
DVD5-10Enter Sandman (Hammett)5:28
DVD5-11Enter Sandman (Newsted)5:33
DVD5-12Enter Sandman (Final Concept)5:36
DVD5-13The Unforgiven (B-Roll)6:14
Halfin Home Movies
DVD5-14Los Angeles, CA3:40
DVD5-15Moscow, Russia2:58
DVD5-16Oakland, CA2:37
DVD5-17Oakland, CA II6:29
DVD5-18Miami, FL3:37
DVD5-19Perth, Australia0:59
DVD5-20Jakarta, Indonesia6:28
DVD5-21Bangkok, Thailand6:16
Wherever We May Roam
DVD6-1Enter Sandman (Live)5:36
DVD6-2Creeping Death (Live)8:01
DVD6-3Holier Than Thou (Live)4:08
DVD6-4Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)7:01
DVD6-5Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)6:42
DVD6-6Sad But True (Live)6:23
DVD6-7The Four Horsemen5:23
DVD6-8Of Wolf And Man (Live)4:15
DVD6-9For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)5:43
DVD6-10The Unforgiven (Live)6:42
DVD6-11The Shortest Straw (Live)6:47
DVD6-12Damage, Inc. (Live)5:24
DVD6-13Through The Never (Live)3:39
DVD6-14Fade To Black (Live)7:20
DVD6-15Whiplash (Live)5:09
DVD6-16Master Of Puppets (Live)4:27
DVD6-17Seek & Destroy (Live)16:36
DVD6-18Motorbreath (Live)3:25
DVD6-19Nothing Else Matters (Live)6:14
DVD6-20Wherever I May Roam (Live)6:36
DVD6-21Last Caress (Live)1:35
DVD6-22One (Live)9:50
DVD6-23Disposable Heroes (Live)8:30
DVD6-24The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)8:42
DVD6-25Battery (Live)5:03
DVD6-26So What (Live)6:32

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