Chicago - Japanese Singles Collection - 2 Cd + Dvd - Blu Spec Cd - Hecho En Japón




Disc 1 [CD: Japanese Singles 1969-1978]
1-1Questions 67 And 68 (US Edit/Mono Mix)4:40
1-2Make Me Smile (US Edit)3:02
1-325 Or 6 To 4 (Japanese Edit)3:21
1-4Someday (August 29, 1968) (Japanese Edit(2:48
1-6Lowdown (Japanese Lyrics)3:35
1-7Beginnings (US Edit)2:50
1-8Questions 67 And 68 (US Edit/Japanese Lyrics)3:30
1-9Saturday In The Park3:56
1-10Dialogue (Part I & II) (US Edit)5:03
1-11State Of The Union (Japanese Edit)4:02
1-12Feelin' Stronger Every Day4:16
1-13Just You 'N' Me3:44
1-14(I've Been) Searchin' So Long (US Edit)4:19
1-15Call On Me4:03
1-16Harry Truman3:03
1-17Old Days3:32
1-18Another Rainy Day In New York City3:01
1-19If You Leave Me3:58
1-20You Are On My Mind (US Edit)3:14
1-21Baby, What A Big Surprise3:07
1-22Little One (US Edit)3:32
Disc 2 [CD: Japanese Singles 1978-1998]
2-1Alive Again (US Edit)3:31
2-2Take A Chance4:44
2-3Must Have Been Crazy3:28
2-4Hard To Say I'm Sorry (US Edit)3:43
2-5Love Me Tomorrow (US Edit/Remix)3:59
2-6Stay The Night3:52
2-7Hard Habit To Break4:46
2-8You're The Inspiration3:49
2-9Along Comes A Woman (US Edit/Alternate Mix)3:49
2-1025 Or 6 To 4 (US Edit)4:13
2-11Will You Still Love Me (US Edit)4:15
2-12If She Would Have Been Faithful...3:53
2-13I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love3:56
2-14Look Away (CHR Mix)4:01
2-15You're Not Alone (Remix)4:02
2-16Chasin' The Wind4:19
2-17Explain It To My Heart4:45
2-18The Only One6:01
2-19All Roads Lead To You4:17
Disc 3 [ DVD: Music Videos ]
DVD-1Hard To Say I'm Sorry
DVD-2Love Me Tomorrow
DVD-3Stay The Night
DVD-4Hard Habit To Break
DVD-5You're The Inspiration
DVD-6Along Comes A Woman
DVD-725 Or 6 To 4
DVD-8Will You Still Love Me?
DVD-9I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
DVD-10Look Away
DVD-11You're Not Alone
DVD-12Chasin' The Wind
DVD-13Explain It To My Heart
DVD-14Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Live)
DVD-15Saturday In The Park (Live)
DVD-16Feelin' Stronger Every Day (Live)
DVD-1725 Or 6 To 4 (Live)

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