Yes – Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two - Box Set - 21 Vinilos




Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (October 31, 1972)
A1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)1:45
A1.bSiberian Khatru9:00
I've Seen All Good People(7:17)
A2.aYour Move
A2.bAll Good People
B1Mood For A Day / Clap7:59
B2Heart Of The Sunrise11:15
And You And I(9:41)
C.ICord Of Life
C.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(18:11)
D.IThe Solid Time Of Change
D.IITotal Mass Retain
D.IIII Get Up I Get Down
D.IVSeasons Of Man
E1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"7:00
FYours Is No Disgrace14:33
Ottawa Civic Centre (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) (November 1, 1972)
G1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)0:45
G1.bSiberian Khatru9:35
I've Seen All Good People(7:20)
G2.aYour Move
G2.bAll Good People
H1Heart Of The Sunrise12:11
H2Mood For A Day / Clap7:14
And You And I(9:35)
I.ICord Of Life
I.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(19:14)
J.IThe Solid Time Of Change
J.IITotal Mass Retain
J.IIII Get Up I Get Down
J.IVSeasons Of Man
K1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"8:13
LYours Is No Disgrace14:25
Duke University (Durham, North Carolina) (November 11, 1972)
M1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)2:23
M1.bSiberian Khatru8:57
I've Seen All Good People(7:15)
M2.aYour Move
M2.bAll Good People
N1Heart Of The Sunrise11:49
N2Mood For A Day / Clap6:46
And You And I(11:19)
O.ICord Of Life
O.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(18:52)
P.IThe Solid Time Of Change
P.IITotal Mass Retain
P.IIII Get Up I Get Down
P.IVSeasons Of Man
Q1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"7:57
RYours Is No Disgrace15:56
Greensboro Coliseum (Greensboro, North Carolina) (November 12, 1972)
S1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)2:55
S1.bSiberian Khatru8:42
I've Seen All Good People(7:15)
S2.aYour Move
S2.bAll Good People
T1Heart Of The Sunrise12:06
T2Clap / Mood For A Day6:36
And You And I(11:09)
U.ICord Of Life
U.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(18:58)
V.IThe Solid Time Of Change
V.IITotal Mass Retain
V.IIII Get Up I Get Down
V.IVSeasons Of Man
W1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"8:02
XYours Is No Disgrace16:17
University Of Georgia (Athens, Georgia) (November 14, 1972)
Y1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)0:42
Y1.bSiberian Khatru8:43
I've Seen All Good People(7:15)
Y2.aYour Move
Y2.bAll Good People
Z1Heart Of The Sunrise11:58
Z2Mood For A Day / Clap6:03
And You And I(10:59)
AA.1Cord Of Life
AA.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(18:44)
AB.IThe Solid Time Of Change
AB.IITotal Mass Retain
AB.IIII Get Up I Get Down
AB.IVSeasons Of Man
AC1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"6:50
ADYours Is No Disgrace15:43
Knoxville Civic Coliseum (Knoxville, Tennessee) (November 15, 1972)
AE1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)0:44
AE1.bSiberian Khatru8:42
I've Seen All Good People(7:16)
AE2.aYour Move
AE2.bAll Good People
AF1Heart Of The Sunrise12:07
AF2Clap / Mood For A Day7:03
And You And I(11:20)
AG.ICord Of Life
AG.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(19:02)
AH.IThe Solid Time Of Change
AH.IITotal Mass Retain
AH.IIII Get Up I Get Down
AH.IVSeasons Of Man
AI1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"7:06
AJYours Is No Disgrace16:41
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Uniondale, New York) (November 20, 1972)
AK1.aOpening (Excerpt From Firebird Suite)3:07
AK1.bSiberian Khatru8:56
I've Seen All Good People(7:15)
AK2.aYour Move
AK2.bAll Good People
AL1Heart Of The Sunrise12:25
AL2Mood For A Day / Clap6:48
And You And I(11:10)
AM.ICord Of Life
AM.IIIThe Preacher The Teacher
Close To The Edge(19:10)
AN.IThe Solid Time Of Change
AN.IITotal Mass Retain
AN.IIII Get Up I Get Down
AN.IVSeasons Of Man
AO1Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"7:12
APYours Is No Disgrace17:36

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