a-ha – Original Album Series - Set - 5 Cds - Hecho En Europa




Hunting High And Low
1-1Take On Me3:49
1-2Train Of Thought4:14
1-3Hunting High And Low3:45
1-4The Blue Sky2:36
1-5Living A Boy's Adventure Tale5:02
1-6The Sun Always Shines On T.V.5:08
1-7And You Tell Me1:52
1-8Love Is Reason3:07
1-9I Dream Myself Alive3:10
1-10Here I Stand And Face The Rain4:30
Scoundrel Days
2-1Scoundrel Days4:02
2-2The Swing Of Things4:14
2-3I've Been Losing You4:24
2-5Manhattan Skyline4:52
2-6Cry Wolf4:06
2-7We're Looking For The Whales3:43
2-8The Weight Of The Wind3:59
2-9Maybe, Maybe2:36
2-10Soft Rains Of April3:12
Stay On These Roads
3-1Stay On These Roads4:46
3-2The Blood That Moves The Body4:06
3-4This Alone Is Love5:15
3-5Hurry Home4:37
3-6The Living Daylights4:47
3-7There's Never A Forever Thing2:51
3-8Out Of Blue Comes Green6:42
3-9You Are The One3:51
3-10You'll End Up Crying2:07
East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
4-1Crying In The Rain4:24
4-2Early Morning2:58
4-3I Call Your Name4:53
4-4Slender Frame3:42
4-5East Of The Sun4:47
4-6Sycamore Leaves5:21
4-7Waiting For Her4:49
4-8Cold River4:41
4-9The Way We Talk1:31
4-10Rolling Thunder5:43
4-11(Seemingly) Nonstop July2:55
Memorial Beach
5-1Dark Is The Night For All3:45
5-2Move To Memphis4:22
5-3Cold As Stone8:19
5-4Angel In The Snow4:13
5-6Lie Down In The Darkness4:31
5-7How Sweet It Was6:02
5-8Lamb To The Slaughter4:20
5-9Between Your Mama And Yourself4:15
5-10Memorial Beach4:36

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